Risk Management System Report Management System

Economics Department

The Economics Department performs economic and accounting analyses, working with statutory authorities in Israel and in other jurisdictions, as follows:

·        Valuations of business entities and feasibility tests (as part of sale, merger or acquisition transactions or shareholder disputes; for the purpose of accounting reports or litigation requirements; etc.);

·        Assistance in M&A transactions;

·        Business plans and feasibility studies for ventures, production lines and industrial infrastructure;

·        Conducting  financial analysis of  B.O.T. and P. F. I. projects;

·        Assisting the Chief Scientist (Ministry of Industry Trade & Labor) in various projects including transferring knowledge abroad;

·        Purchase price allocation (PPA) with respect to tangible and intangible assets that can be separated from the business entity, such as technology, trade names, technological know-how, customers' lists, order backlogs, distribution agreements, etc., for the purpose of measuring the goodwill arising from the purchase transaction, in accordance with Israeli, US and international accounting standards;

·        Economic and accounting due diligence reviews;

·        Expert opinions for litigation purposes in the fields of accounting, economics, financing and

·        Assisting in IPO process;

·        Assistance to distressed companies and preparation  of recovery plans;

·        Fair value measurement of financial instruments:

o       Pricing of options for employees/management/consultants, ensuring the lowest fair value for such benefit instruments, in accordance with accounting standards (IFRS2, FAS123R);

o       Fair value measurement of the warrant element in convertible;

o       Fair value measurement of ordinary shares for the purpose of measuring the fair value of options granted to employees in private companies (in accordance with AICPA instructions—409A);

o       Fair value measurement of complex instruments—pricing of financial derivatives, loan/financing transactions or contingent investments, and transactions among controlling shareholders (IAS39);

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