Risk Management System Report Management System

Consulting and Risks Management Department

The Consulting and Risks Management Department performed most of the foreign currency and interest related risk analyses and exposure strategic that the company carried out for the largest companies in Israel, and offers a "one stop shop" risks management service:


·        Risk profile analysis: Analysis of the foreign currency, interest and CPI (linkage bases) exposures, for the purpose of identifying and analyzing the financial risks (economic and accounting); Such analysis includes an examination of the firm's business and identification of its interfaces with the foreign currency, interest and CPI markets, the limits of this exposure and its distribution and behavior over time;

·        Creation of a risk-management policy that will serve as a basis for managing the firm's exposures such as to respond to the requirements of the "Galai Committee"  and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act;

·        Full, ongoing consulting by financial advisors for implementation of the risks-management policy;

·        Implementation of the risks-management policy through the dealing room, which manages approximately $1.8 billion worth of transactions per month, and can therefore improve the customer's terms;

·        Ongoing monitoring of the firm's positions and hedges;

·        Fair value: Quarterly fair value measurement of the hedge transactions, for the filing of financial statements;

·        Ongoing reports regarding existing positions and hedges, via email;

·        Fast access to the back-office system, which provides information about the firm's foreign currency transaction and enables basic calculation of instrument values;

·        Foreign currency market updates via SMS;

·       Analysis of the firm's indebtedness and proposal of ways to reduce financing costs: Opinion about the debt structure, cost effective indexation and interest mechanisms, lines of credit, credit frames and assurances (the product of such analysis is a reduction in short and long term financing costs, reduction of the currency and interest risks in the firm's debt structure, adjustment of the debt structure to future business needs and an improved position vis-à-vis the banks).

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