Risk Management System Report Management System

Fair Value Department

The Fair Value Department performs fair value measurements, including for the largest companies in Israel, and has gained experience implementing the instructions of the "Galai Committee 2" in more than 100 different firms.

·        Implementation of the Galai Committee 2 recommendations—fair value measurements using sensitivity tests with respect to exchange rates, interest rates, standard deviations of assets/liabilities, quotable stock, firm non-balance sheet engagements and financial derivatives;

·        Fair value under the transition to IFRS;

·        Embedded derivatives;

·        SWAP, IRS - measurement of fair value and effectiveness of the hedging for the purpose of recognizing hedge transactions;

·        Redemption-contingent contracts;

·        Result-based agreements;

·        Contingent agreements;

·        Contingent provisions and liabilities;

·        CPI linked assets and liabilities that are not measured at fair value;

·        Various financial instruments.

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